Festival Heads Now Available

17 Jun

front-cover-381x480Last June photojournalist Steve Welsh took a busman’s holiday at Glastonbury Festival, easy game you may think to make a photographic project from the visit. Not necessarily so! Apart from obvious attractions the event is so vast the question has to be, where do you begin? Where is a narrative that will illustrate the festival’s fun, colour and mix of people? Like many restaurant menus too many choices, Welsh decided the enormity should be ignored in favour of the minutia. Other than equipment and medium, prior planning is impossible “In many ways it is like going to a battle zone, unpredictable does not do it justice!” Keen observation of themes, styles, and attitudes over the first couple of days established what was ‘this years thing’. What attracted Welsh was the flower power put something in your hair fashion, maybe inspired by the appearance of The Rolling Stones reflecting the 1960s and the Summer of Love. “It seemed completely democratic in terms of race, age or gender, Glasto is nothing if not a great blender of people!” A mix of mostly observed and a very few posed images mostly shot during a four hour period on the final afternoon “The festival’s got a very chilled atmosphere and if you’ve gone to the trouble of dressing up as many do you’re up for being in a photograph, it makes the event a joy to work at.” Festival Heads evolved as a working title that stuck which has now been edited into a book of that title. “I really prefer the observed portrait, I did not want a reaction to the camera, as a result the images seem to show festival goers in a reflective almost introspective moment in amongst all the madness, or maybe they were truly worn out after nearly 5 days and nights of partying!”


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